I'm with the Brand: Jenny Parry

Mega-babe Jenny Parry schools us on style and tells us what she has been up to, check it out!

First off, tell us a little bit about yourself.
I am a born and raised Southern Californian, currently living in LA with my husband Jason and my dog Leon. I’ve been a model for about 8 years and I started my fashion blog ‘On the Way Out’ 2 years ago this January.

We know that you are successful model and blogger, what inspired you to make blogging and modeling your career?
While I was studying fashion in college I started being asked to model for various projects. I realized I really liked it so once I graduated I signed with a modeling agency. As for blogging, about 4 years ago I had a blog called ‘A Gemini Rising’ where I blogged about anything that was striking my interest but I decided with the help of my husband, that it would be fun to start a style blog because I love putting looks together. So I started ‘On the Way Out.’

Being Married to Jason Lee Parry, a fashion photographer, How is it collaborating on projects together? and what can we expect from you guys in terms of future projects (together)?
It’s great because I always love how our projects come out. We are obviously very comfortable with each other, and he knows my good angles. ha. As for future projects we have an idea to start a feature on my blog that documents our date nights, which are always pretty interesting. 

Your style is impeccable. How would you describe your style and How has it changed throughout your modeling career? 
It is always evolving...it’s definitely a mix of all sorts of stuff. A little vintage, a little skater, a little grunge. Lately I’ve been drawn to more a mod look, a little more pulled together. One big way that’s it’s changed is that practically all of my closet used to be black and now I hardly ever wear black anymore.

What has been your favorite project so far and why? 
Probably Jason and my Free People Love Story. It was a blast going on a 2 week road trip and documenting our relationship. I got to see some awesome parts of California and Oregon that I’d never seen before, while wearing some gorgeous threads from Free People. Pretty great time.

A little vintage, a little skater, a little grunge.

Being a brand ambassador for many brands, What are your favorite emerging brands lately? 
Really into Lovers and Drifters Club, they have some amazing shag coats, the dope hats from Lack of Color out of Australia, and of course Supperclub Eyewear!

We see that you are quite the traveler, What has been your favorite city you’ve visited and why?
I love Paris. I’ve been 3 times now...twice when I was 20 studying abroad in the South of France (one of those times was a weekend by myself) and once with Jason 4 years ago. I really want to visit again, I just feel as I get older I appreciate it so much more. It’s very magical and it’s been magical every time I’ve been...all alone, with a bunch of drunk twenty year olds, or with my husband. 

Where do you see yourself in 5 years? 
I would like my blog to grow into something bigger, whatever that may be. Possibly designing my own collaboration with a brand. Possibly acting a bit more. Definitely playing in a band. And hopefully have started a little family. 

Name 3 things in your purse right now. 
My phone, Burt’s Bees (my addiction), and my Supperclub shades.

Sum up your life in 5 words.
Family, friends, music, travel, wine. 

Knives up! Δ

Website: www.onthe-wayout.com
Instagram: @onthe_wayout
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