Im with the Brand: R.M. Drake

Supperclub sits down with R.M. Drake, a Miami-based writer whose writings can be seen all over the web.

First off, tell us a little bit about yourself.
I grew up in Miami Florida. I've always wanted to be special. Since a small boy I've always been interested in innovation. I've been an artist all my life. I've painted, I've drawn, I've sculpted, I've done music and I've written. I always knew I had something special inside me, beneath my skin. There has always been a light and a darkness. I've seen many things and i have felt many things as well. Perhaps this is the reason why i am able to write beautifully. I have been submerged in darkness, and doing so has helped me appreciate the light. The light in people, the light in things, and places. There's a story in me, something the world needs. Perhaps one day I’ll be able to share it all completely.

to be honest my writings are just a reflection of everything I have ever felt, and everything other people have ever felt. We are all one in the same.

What age did you start writing and what interested you in writing?
I began writing in 1995. I began writing feelings (journals) and music (lyrics). I don’t consider myself a “poet” I consider myself a writer or an artist of all sorts. I don’t like when people call me a poet. It makes me sick. Everything about the word poet makes me sick, to be honest my writings are just a reflection of everything I have ever felt, and everything other people have ever felt. We are all one in the same.

Being from Miami, how do you think that affects your writing/writing style?
My environment does reflect the way I think. And the people that fill Miami affect me aswell. There are so many types of people, and those people are reflected by their environment. Thus they affect me.They change me and my moods; So many feelings moving so quickly. Everything else is connected in a way that doesn't make sense but makes perfect sense. I guess it’s hard to explain.  So i guess in a way, well, in a lot of ways it does affect me greatly.

Your writings are very deep and "heady", how are you on a daily basis?
I try to stay away from people. Sometime i’m too conscious of everything. I’ll meet a person and think “hey I really like this person.” and then that same person will say something i don't like then i’ll think “hey I really don’t like this person.” This happens too often. People are too fast to judge. I guess i too am guilty of this. People bore me sometimes and places and things. Sometimes it’s all the same. I feel like a robot at times. We all do the same things too often. Life becomes too repetitive, my writing becomes too repetitive. When this happens I need to get away. This too happens too often. Which is why i like to be alone. I don't like adding new people to my circle. People are not kind. This is my point of view, but then every once in a while you meet a beautiful person, and then it’s like “I like you, you're like me you're not like the rest of them.” This is me on a daily basis. I don’t like new things I like old things, things i feel comfortable with. I still listen to 90s music. I can't break out of it. I can't make new friends at least ones i can learn to trust. I guess this is my flaw. I am too blind sometimes. But hey that's me.

Your writings are often, introspective thoughts about love; what inspires you to write about love in that way?
We have all been hurt, and love of all things is the only thing that makes us who we are and in the end destroys us. We have wars and violence. Its all for love. Each side loves what they are willing to die for. We all just have different views of love. I love that. Passion, that's what i want to capture. I don't always write about the love between a man and a woman. Sometimes i try to capture the love between a man/woman and the world. or a man/woman and their air or their inspiration. Love is everything. Its all we know. Some of us want to die in love and others die searching it. If it exists it only exists in our minds. I said once “but dear do not fear love its only magic.” think about that one for a second. Magic is not real, but we choose to make it real if we choose to believe in it. So in a way love has always inspired me to write. Love is all we have and in the end I want to become all the things i leave behind.

Why do you think your writings have been so popular online?
I think because its raw and truthful. Alot of people tell me “you write like you're talking to me” well I am YOU. I am everyone. We are so blind to the fact that we are all connected in a way we can't even begin to understand. We all go through the same tragedies and we all feel the same feelings just at different times. We are all the same in a way and that's how its been since the beginning of time. Its become so popular for that reason. I am writing to you, to everyone. Everyone, in a lot ways, relate to something I've written. I want to form connections, and maybe i am naive enough to believe that i can change the world even if its for a little while.

Your new book "beautiful chaos" is coming soon, what can people expect to find in it?
It will be available every where. Amazon, Banes and noble, etc I will offer a few on my store as well.

Often, writers and artists find their biggest creative sparks when being alone, some would say, even sad, do you find that to be true?
Yes, to a certain extend. For me, I've always felt alone. I cant explain it. Its hard for me to form personal connections with people. I always feel alone, even when i'm not physically alone i feel alone. No one understands it but i know we all feel this way sometimes. Everything is such an illusion. The idea of waiting for a moment to happen or something to happen, something exciting, something worth living for. A Lot of us don't know how to live.  Just saying these things spark my creative interest. In a way, yes, i am sad. Almost daily. I am sad because i know i am not living, at least not to my potential. What makes me more sad is the entire world must be feeling this way. Its just some of us are too blind to the fact that we are all just waiting for a moment or something special to happen. The space in between this is what we go through on a daily basis. We wake, we work, then we sleep. To do the same thing over and over. Then we look forward for the weekend. How sad is this? This is how we live? This is not living. I am not living. We are not living. So for me this is what inspires me to write. I am writing to break this condition of living as well.   

What do you think people identify with most in your writings?
I think its just real. Its not complicated. I don't need to write like a scientist and use metaphors and etc. I want to write so a child could understand me. I want everyone to understand me. This is where my strength comes in. I can write something compelling with just one sentence. While other artist feel the need to write pages. I cut all the nonsense out and just get straight to the point. The world always feeds us enough nonsense. Why add to it? This is why people identify and connect with my writings. Because they can understand it, break it down and feel it. Its simple. Feelings should be simple. We should leave everything else to the scientist. This isn't the cure for cancer but its a step in helping people identify how they feel. Once they identify their feelings and understand them then perhaps people will begin to get perspective in their lives.  

What advice would you give future writers looking to make a name for themselves through an online platform?
I get many writers and poets asking me for advice. To me its simple. Just be true. I've been writing for a long long time. I've written many stories that have never seen the light of publishing. That's the key, just write. Write because you love it. Write because its in your blood. Write like you're willing to die for it. If someone insults your writing, feel hurt about it. Yes that's good because it makes you know that you're passionate about it. As for me i have been so many times over it that it doesn't even bother me. What i am trying to say is just write and don't let anyone stop you. You are your worst enemy and your worst critic and only you can break yourself. That it all I would offer a fellow writer.

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