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First off, tell us a little about yourself.
Sup yall. My name is Lane Dorsey, I’m a 21 year old photographer from beautiful Toronto, Canada. I like to take photographs of people and cool stuff, and I’m beyond blessed to have my passion my career! I also love to skateboard, play music, climb stuff, and play Team Snipers in Halo 4…

When did you first become interested in photography and what interested you in photography?
I’ve been around cameras more or less since I was in grade 7. I just really enjoyed the aspect of taking pretty pictures… Just like every hobbyist who figures out how to get the ‘blurry out of focus background’ on images. But seriously, taking cool ‘artsy’ photos in my backyard in grade 10 is where I started. It was fun. And I totally don’t regret it. I also don’t regret telling the internet that’s where I started either…

Being located in Toronto, Canada, how has that affected your photography? and what do you think the Toronto fashion photography market differ from other cities like New York or Los Angeles?
Being from Toronto is super beneficial I find. We have a really diverse city in the sense of the people within it, and even the locations/areas around the city. You can travel 30 mins west and be in the suburbs, 30 mins north and you’re in a more rural setting. So you can shoot anything and everything within the city area! Cool locations and people are always within arm’s reach.

Now, going to LA was a totally eye opening experience. Travelling across the globe to shoot, party, and travel was nothing but amazing. I worked with some really talented people that thrive off of the DIY rule of thumb. They’ve built their own empires and followings from nothing—and they have vast room and potential for growth. I love how everyone in LA is hungry for success. You can really pick out the hard workers who will grind and hustle to get where they want to be. It’s cliché, but, I <3 LA . I’ll be back soon enough.

When did you start photographing people? can you remember your first shoot? what was it about photographing people that made you create a career out of it?
I started in the last year of high school, so 2010. My first shoot was for a friend of mine who needed some headshots for acting. I used some rinky dink lamps and whatnot for lighting – and looking back on it – I wouldn’t have changed anything! I take pride from where I’ve started from. 

People are fascinating. People are always interesting, physically and mentally. You never really meet the same person twice. Being able to capture and collaborate with different people is honestly so humbling of an experience. My favourite part of the process is helping people out to get where they want to go with my images. I love being a part of a bigger picture (no pun intended…But totally)

How would you describe your body of work?
In one sentence, my style is very punchy and fresh. I’ve shot everything and anything, so there is no shortage of stuff to look at! If you’re looking for some good ole pretty pictures? I got some. If you’re looking for conceptual fine art portraits? I got some. If you’re looking for some rad images of dudes with tattoos and beards drinking beers in a leather jacket sitting in a vintage car? Yup. I got that too!

What styles of photography do you prefer shooting? portraits? fashion? musicians? nudes?
I love working with actors, and musicians. I find that we get along really well on set and in a shooting scenario. Getting along well is a vital role for getting some killer images.

What inspires you? 
My main inspiration is the fact that as an artist and a professional, you’re never done. You’re always learning, always working, and always creating better art. Every time I turn my camera on for a shoot, I know that I’ll come away with something new.

If you had to get rid of all of your equipment and only could keep one thing (besides your camera) what would that be?
In Photoshop we trust. Can’t live without it!

My main inspiration is the fact that as an artist and a professional, you’re never done.

How would you say you evoke emotion from your models? what do you tell models to make them get more comfortable in front of the camera?
Usually what does it is actually showing them the image. I show them what they look like, and instantly they go “Oh wow that’s the shot? Oh man okay!” and they know what to do. Either that, or I tell some really bad fart jokes or something.. That usually does the trick.

Can you describe your favorite shoot in you career so far?
Oh boy.. That’s a tough one. I feel like that’s the equivalent of asking a parent of 4 kids “hey which one’s the best?” 

I love all my shoots I do. But the one that sticks out in my mind right now is a shoot I had in LA with BMX legend Rick Thorne. We ate dirty burgers at In-N-Out, rode around LA a bit, shot some killer images, and he gave me a killer back road tour of Hollywood and Beverly Hills! 

What advice would you give to someone who wants to start a photography career? 
Shoot shoot shoot. And when you’re done.. Shoot some more. Mistakes are essential. You have to be horribly bad to get amazingly great! The stuff I look back on and cringe is just fuel under the fire to give me motivation to progress! Embrace the suck. It’s tacky to say, but just have fun and the rest will come.

Knives up! Δ

Website: www.lanedorsey.com
Instagram: @lanedorsey

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